Monday, December 24, 2007

VizD Challenge Week of 12/17/24

What is Wrong with that Tongue?

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A 55-year-old woman presents to your ED. She has a long history of tobacco use and was recently placed on a broad spectrum antibiotic for sinusitis

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AMiB said...

lingua nigra

Greg said...

lingua villosa nigra (black hairy tongue)

Tobacco use combined with the broad spectrum antibiotic led to an increase in a type of bacteria or yeast that produces porphyrins, leading to the black appearance. The "hairy" part comes in from an interruption of the normal desquamation of the tongue, combined with increased growth of said bacteria on the papillae.

cotrimaxazol said...

Black hairy tongue

WongML said...


HicksterAZ said...

Black hairy tongue. Benign condition, caused by a fungus that grows on top of the tongue.

prnpenguin said...

I'm guessing that she has Black Hairy Tongue (Parasitic Glossitis). Either that or she's been licking plenty of vegemite.

slugbug said...

thrush with blackening of tongue from smoking.

Anonymous said...

Is it thrush with staining caused by tobacco use? Now that you have one comment, may we have the answer, please?

Anonymous said...

Thrush with staining from tobacco use.