Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2007 Best Clinical Sciences Weblog

Thank you to everyone who supported NY Emergency Medicine and selected it for the 2007 Best Clinical Sciences Weblog. Our diverse group of writers include medical students, medical residents, attending physicians, and non-medical professionals who have an interest in health and medicine. We hope to continue to grow and provide readers with a unique perspective into the field of emergency medicine. We are always looking for contributors and ways to improve the weblog. Please share your thoughts with us.

BEST CLINICAL SCIENCES WEBLOG: This was a tight contest between a young upstart resident and a seasoned vet. Sumer's Radiology Site, which won in 2005, narrowly lost out to New York Emergency Medicine, the innovative new blog that features interviews with leading figures in EM, quizzes with cash prizes, and interesting medical and legal case discussions. Other notable nominees included Clinical Cases and Images and Aetiology.
A special thanks to MedGadget!

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