Monday, July 30, 2007

VizD Radiograph Challenge Week of 7/30/2007

A 24-year-old woman presents to your ED complaining of knee pain. The patient as roller-skating, lost her balance, and fell directly onto her knee. After the fall, she was unable to ambulate and noted a swollen knee. The radiographs you ordered are shown below.

(click on image to enlarge)
1. What is the diagnosis?
What is the most common type of this injury
What is the treatment of this injury?

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is a weekly contest of an interesting or pathognomonic image from emergency medicine. Its goal is to integrate learning into a fun and relaxed environment. All images are original and are posted with the consent of the patient. For more information please refer to the following link.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Looks like patellar luxation, but I don't know what the human equivalent is.

Anonymous said...

1. Patella dislocation
2. Lateral
3. Reduction

Michael from Baylor Medical School