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Answer: VizD Image Challenge Week of 4/16/2007

Congratulations to MATT - he is the first person to submit the correct answer to this week's VizD.

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A 25-year-old man with a history of depression was brought unresponsive to your Emergency Department. He had been seen earlier in the evening at a local bar, where he got into an argument with his girlfriend. Upon returning home, his roommate noted that the patient appeared "drunk". Three hours later he was found unresponsive and breathing rapidly. His roommate called 911.

In the ED, you receive a sample of urine as seen below and perform a procedure on it.

1. What is the inciting agent that caused this patient's presentation?
2. Name two hallmark laboratory findings seen with this condition?
3. Name three agents that can be used to treat this condition?

Ethylene glycol
2. Anion gap metabolic acidosis, osmolal gap
3. Ethanol, fomepizole, dialysis

For a review on the topic, check out the article Ethylene Glycol Poisoning: Case Report of a Record-High Level and a Review (Journal of Emergency Medicine. 15(5); 1997. 653-67)


Ethylene glycol is commonly found in automobile antifreeze and a variety of other commercial products. Ingestion of ethylene glycol, either accidentally or in a suicide attempt, is characterized by severe acidosis, calcium oxalate crystal formation and deposition, and a wide variety of end organ effects that may be fatal. We present a case of a patient who ingested a massive amount of ethylene glycol in a suicide attempt and yet survived with minimal sequelae. A comprehensive review of the literature on the pathology and pathophysiology of ethylene glycol toxicity on each organ system is provided, along with information on diagnosis and current treatment recommendations.

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