Saturday, March 10, 2007

VizD Answer 3/10/2007

Congratulations to Jason, he was the first person to submit the correct answer to this week's VizD.

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Jason is the winner of $5.

A 41-year-old man presents to your ED complaining of a right-sided facial droop and the inability to close his right eye. The symptoms developed 2 days ago. He is otherwise healthy.

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1. This presentation is secondary to a problem of the central or peripheral nervous system?
2. Name 3 conditions that are associated with recurrent or bilateral facial palsy?
3. True or False --if left untreated, approximately 70% of patients recover completely

1. Peripheral (Sparing of forehead is seen in Central lesions)
2. 1) myasthenia gravis 2) lymphoma 3) sarcoidosis 4) Lyme disease 5) Guillain-Barre
3. True

Questions and Answers derived from the article, Bell's Palsy, from the NEJM

The next VizD will be posted on Monday March 12th

is a weekly contest of an interesting or pathognomonic image from emergency medicine. Its goal is to integrate learning into a fun and relaxed environment. All images are original and are posted with the consent of the patient. For more information please refer to the following link.

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