Monday, March 12, 2007

Stop Paying Full Price for Tickets

One of the reasons you tolerate all the, shall we say, difficulties of the big city is because you're close to everything: theater, music, sports. But if you never actually get out and experience any of that everything, then you might as well be in Cleveland.

For top-tier live entertainment at half the price, go Goldstar.

The world's largest online seller of half-price tickets, Goldstar Events is your wily, deal-making connection on the inside. Sign up for free with Goldstar Events and you'll gain access to some of the city's biggest live events at a fraction of the normal price. Watch the Knicks at MSG for $20. Hear the Blues Harmonica Blowout at B.B.'s for $12. Catch a great comedy showcase at Comix for free. How is this possible? By promising new customers to venues (and, we're assuming, a little mob-like intimidation), Goldstar Events has formed alliances with New York's heaviest cultural hitters, including Broadway, the New York Philharmonic and Madison Square Garden.

Plus, if you tell Goldstar Events the stuff you're into, they'll send you e-mail alerts whenever late-breaking deals are released in your areas of interest. You'll also receive a weekly summary about the hottest upcoming events, thereby helping you stay in the know.

More money in your pocket and a better night out. Now that's a website worth its weight in...well, you know.

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