Monday, February 19, 2007

VizD 2/19/2007

A 41-year-old woman presents to the emergency department after being thrown off her bicycle while riding in the street. She complains of pain in her right arm with an inability to move it.

1. What is the name of this condition?
2. Name 2 complications of this condition?
3. What is the most common mechanism for this injury?

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is a weekly contest of an interesting or pathognomonic image from emergency medicine. Its goal is to integrate learning into a fun and relaxed environment. All images are original and are posted with the consent of the patient. For more information please refer to the following link.


Glen said...

1. Inferior Shoulder Dislocation ("luxatio erecta")

-Brachial plexus (usually Axillary nerve) injury
-Rotator cuff tear

3. Hyperabduction, with levering of the proximal humerus over the acromion process.

latchkeykidd said...
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