Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Naming Rights

Welcome to the first Blog for NY City Emergency Medicine Residents -- the goal is to link the 13 programs in the city and 3 in Long Island. This is an open forum for residents to discuss topics in Emergency Medicine, interesting cases, tricks of the trade, moonlighting, career advice, or simply to set up an evening out among residents.

New York has its finest (NYPD), its boldest (Corrections), its bravest (FDNY)...I think its time we make our presence known - any suggestions for an adjective that captures our importance to the city that never sleeps (like us!)?


Rachel said...

I love it!! I think a site like this can be so useful. As for the about New York's fiercest?

Andres said...

Well "the strongest" is taken. These are the sanitation workers.

Anonymous said...

How about "New York's Skankiest?"



John said...

I should comment there is a strong NYC representation at this NYC EM blog already...

How about New York's "Bloodiest", New York's "Calmest"?

N=1 said...

I just discovered you! This is a terrific blog.

I'm a former NYC ED type, and I added you to my blogroll.

If you're interested, meet up with the best of the healthcare blogosphere - plenty of ED bloggers - at Grand Rounds, the blog carnival. This week it's hosted at GruntDoc -who is a self-described irascible ED doc/former Marine in Texas.